Seven Reasons Why Students Should Work Part Time During College

working college student
A study commissioned by the United States Department of Labor unveiled some startling information

Part-time campus jobs not only help students make money — they can also help raise grade-point averages. The study of undergraduates over the last decade found that the average GPA of freshmen at four-year universities who worked between one and twenty hours a week was 3.13 versus only 3.04 for kids with no work. Maybe working during college isn’t a bad idea, especially because of the GPA boost.

Here are 7 compelling reasons for students to work during college…

  • Get better grades. The number one thing that the US Department of Labor Study concluded was that college students who work one to twenty hours per week get better grades. Plus, they have a better chance of graduating.
  • Help pay for tuition. It is no secret; college costs have skyrocketed over the years. So any additional income kids can earn can go right towards tuition, room and board, and any other college expenses that come up.
  • Learn a life skill that can’t be taught in a class: Part 1. Gain budgeting skills. Kids who work to pay for part of college tuition and fund their entertainment are less likely to overspend on entertainment (versus those kids who have a parent’s credit card at their disposal.)
  • Learn a life skill that can’t be taught in a class: Part 2. Gain time management skills. Part-time jobs force kids to budget how they spend their day. Part work, part class time, part study time, and some time for social activities. This is the way the real world works, after all. So, learning to juggle many different activities in one day while in college gives your child a heads up on the rest of the kids their age who don’t gain this experience.
  • Connect with professors. This could help further explain the higher average grades belonging to students who work part-time… since a lot of on-campus jobs involve working with staff at the university.
  • Avoid the wrong major or career. Changing careers later in life or even late in college can be a very costly event. By having a part-time job, your child can learn what they do or don’t like… potentially avoiding a costly mistake down the road.
  • Improve resume. Probably the number one reason to get a college degree is to improve the chances of getting a job after graduation. Working during college is a resume builder — especially if you can get experience in a related field.

But there’s also a dark-side to having your kids work. This same exact study showed that while a little work was good for kids, too much work caused a decrease in grades.

Freshmen who worked more than 20 hours a week had GPAs of only 2.95.

Plus, your student’s income is factored heavily into the financial aid formulas. So, an increase in student income could reduce your financial aid package.

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