Little-known Secrets about the SAT Prep Industry

SAT secrets
Truth be told, you could save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars.

Getting accepted into a great school, getting a rock solid education, landing a dream job…

For many students, it all starts with the SAT. And there are a lot of SAT preparatory businesses lining up to help these students.

Our specialists talk with a lot of SAT tutors and instructors in different parts of the country and have learned some insider secrets that really surprised them. We’d like to share them with you.

Secret #1

There often isn’t a limit to these class sizes… meaning, as many kids as possible are crammed into one room with only one teacher.

In an SAT prep class of this style, students receive little to no individualized test prep that helps them overcome their personal struggles with the test. This type of class would be a waste of time and money.

Secret #2

It’s very rare that a student actually needs 5 to 7 hours of prep per SAT section. When done right, it only takes 3 hours to effectively and thoroughly teach each section.

The rest of that time is spent with “filler” material. Not only are parents sometimes misled into believing all this time is necessary to teach SAT prep, they pay a premium price for all that time.

Secret #3

You may find that the on-line test prep is the most efficient and economical way to study for your tests.

Not only do on-line test prep programs offer the advantage of self-timed study, they tackle the content in a straight-forward way; the student is able to see at the moment what questions they are missing and which ones require additional study time.

New tests can then be created based on tough material to really target their individual weaknesses and help to improve their overall score.

Our Solution

Hundreds – sometimes thousands – of dollars are wasted by parents on inefficient SAT prep. We can make sure you don’t waste any money by providing students with A+ test prep through our own services.

We offer access to Method Learning ACT and SAT Test Prep when you sign up for one of our programs here at Elite Collegiate Planning. Sign up for a free consultation with our college planning professionals to learn more about our deal with Method Test Prep as well as our other services.

Visit our website for more information like this, and reach out to our financial aid and college affordability experts at 610-422-3530 to start your college planning journey today.


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