Elite Collegiate Planning Acquires the College Planning Network

EXTON, Pa. – January 4, 2021
Elite Collegiate Planning, a leading provider of college planning services, announced today that it has acquired the College Planning Network (CPN), the nation’s largest and most reputable provider of college admissions, funding, and financial aid planning services, effective January 1, 2021.

For the past 10 years, Elite Collegiate Planning has sought to provide our customers with the best college planning services in Pennsylvania. As a long-time client of CPN, we understand the power of its platform and people, and we aim to keep building and improving on CPN’s solid foundation.

David A. Kozak, CEO of Elite Collegiate Planning

By joining forces with CPN, Elite Collegiate Planning is expanding its range of services to include financial aid filing and educational counseling. The acquisition rounds out the company’s service offerings, enabling them to offer families a comprehensive solution to their college planning needs.

“What we’ve found by working with tens of thousands of families throughout the years is that the entire college planning process is really broken into 4 key phases. Each needs to be mastered in order to achieve maximum success,” said a representative from CPN. “And by maximum success, we aim for a family to get their student enrolled in their dream college—and have a plan in place to make it far more affordable than they ever thought possible. We strive to eliminate all the anxiety and apprehension that is associated with this overwhelming process and provide peace of mind.”

Dave Kozak, the founder and CEO of Elite Collegiate Planning, is excited about the acquisition and the added value it will bring to their clients. “We are thrilled to have acquired CPN and to be able to offer our clients a more comprehensive range of services,” said Kozak. “By combining our expertise in college planning with CPN’s financial aid filing and educational counseling services, we can provide families with a complete solution to their college planning needs.”

The acquisition of CPN is a significant milestone for Elite Collegiate Planning, further cementing the company’s position as a leading provider of college planning services. With a team of experienced college planning specialists and financial aid consultants, Elite Collegiate Planning is well-positioned to help families across the country plan, prepare, and pay for college without jeopardizing their own financial goals and retirement.

For more information about Elite Collegiate Planning and its services, please visit www.elitecollegiateplanning.com.


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