Where to Find College Scholarships Now

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Most students are finishing up their college applications or have already submitted them. So, now you can just sit back and wait. Right? Now is a great time to start finding college scholarships to defray the cost of that school you hope to attend.  You’ll be surprised how many scholarships are available and how much they can help.

In fact, it seems that for every situation, there is a scholarship.

Where to Look for College Scholarships

Start Local.

Local scholarships are abundant and less competitive than national scholarships.

  • Your high school
    Most high schools have a variety of scholarships available from organizations and donors. These are scholarships that are specifically given to students only from your high school. Also, ask your guidance counselor for scholarship lists or resources.
  • Local Chamber of Commerce
    Nearly every Chamber of Commerce offers a few scholarships.
  • Local Businesses
  • Local Service Providers (Hospitals, EMTs, Police, Fire Department, etc.)
  • Community Groups
  • Civic Groups
  • Religious entities or groups
  • Clubs & Extracurriculars
    Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and local sports and music organizations sponsor scholarships.
  • College Financial Aid Office
    If you know where you are going, check with your future school’s financial aid office. Almost all colleges have a variety of endowments and alumni-sponsored scholarships.
  • Your parents’ employers
    Many companies offer scholarships to the children of employees, some of these scholarships can be quite generous. Make sure your parents check with their HR department.
  • Professional Organizations
  • Niche interest groups

Use the US Department of Labor’s FREE scholarship search tool!

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