Navigating the New FAFSA Changes: A Comprehensive Guide for 2023-24


Navigating the New FAFSA Changes: A Comprehensive Guide for 2023-24

FAFSA Changes 2023-24 have introduced significant updates to the college financial aid process. This guide will delve into these changes and their implications for students and families.

1. Simplified Application Process in FAFSA Changes 2023-24

Historically, many criticized the FAFSA for its length and complexity. Fortunately, the FAFSA Simplification Act aims to streamline the application, making it more user-friendly for families. Learn more about the application process on our site.

2. Goodbye EFC, Hello SAI

One of the notable FAFSA Changes 2023-24 is the replacement of the term Expected Family Contribution (EFC) with the Student Aid Index (SAI). This shift clarifies that the SAI isn’t an amount families should pay but an index assessing financial need. For a deeper dive into financial terms, check out this glossary.

3. Pell Grant Eligibility Updates

The Pell Grant Program will now determine eligibility using the adjusted gross income (AGI) and the SAI, making the grant more transparent and accessible. Read more about Pell Grant updates on our blog.

4. Changes for Families with Multiple College-Going Siblings

Previously, families with multiple children in college received a financial aid boost. This benefit will soon be eliminated, affecting aid eligibility for such families. Discover strategies for families with multiple college students.

5. Implications for Divorced or Separated Parents

For divorced or separated parents, the parent providing the most financial support in the “prior-prior” tax year will now complete the FAFSA, changing the financial information considered in aid calculations. Here’s a guide for divorced parents navigating financial aid.

6. External Financial Contributions

Another FAFSA Change for 2023-24 is that contributions from grandparents or other external sources won’t count as the student’s untaxed income, benefiting families receiving such support. Learn about managing external contributions on our site.

7. Increased Income Protection Allowance

Both parents’ and students’ income protection allowances will increase, potentially benefiting many families in the financial aid calculation. For more on income considerations, see this article.

The FAFSA Changes 2023-24 aim to simplify the process and enhance financial aid transparency. Staying informed and seeking expert guidance becomes essential. For more insights, visit Elite Collegiate Planning or connect with our financial aid experts.


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