Dave Kozak Honored with Historic Preservation Award

A Nod to the Past and an Eye on the Future

With a nod to the past and an eye on the future, Dave Kozak, Elite Collegiate Planning’s founder and CEO, recently accepted the 2021 West Whiteland Township Historic Preservation Award for his efforts toward preserving the historic structures at Elite Collegiate Planning’s new Arrandale headquarters.

In presenting the award, the Historical Commission noted Kozak’s “exceptional effort ensuring the preservation and rehabilitation” of the Arrandale structures, which include a manor house and barn.

About the Property

The Arrandale Manor House is a 19th century farmhouse, serving as a 21st century office space with historical details, architecture, and craftsmanship intact.

Adjacent to the Manor House, “The Barn” was at the center of a zoning and legal battle that Kozak fought to save the structure from ruin or demolition. He explains, “when we first became interested in purchasing the Arrandale site, we noted that the current owners had a permit to demolish The Barn or ‘leave it to ruin.’ However, we felt The Barn had huge growth potential.”

So, Kozak embarked on a mission to salvage The Barn at Arrandale. “I talked and negotiated and worked with the township to reposition the property so that the historic integrity of the barn would be kept and we could rebuild and repurpose it. It took almost 16 months to get the legal changes made.”

A New Home

Once the changes were put into effect, Elite Collegiate Planning moved into their new headquarters at Arrandale. Appreciating the look, feel, and location of their new offices, Kozak says, “we love the fact that this estate was built in 1810, that it has ties to the Downing family of Downingtown, and a land grant from William Penn that created this property. It is a preserved piece of history that is nestled into a large corporate center. It just absolutely oozes history, you can feel it as you walk through the main building. The architecture is brilliant, the construction is immaculate, and the history will be preserved into the future now.”

In addition, plans are in place to renovate The Barn to create a 15,000 square foot modern office space that will be considered an act of historic preservation.

With a bustling office, plans for expansion, and an award from The Historical Commission, Kozak and his associates are savoring Elite Collegiate Planning’s new headquarters. “As proponents of history and everything that comes with it, preserving this estate has become a labor of love,” he says. “And it’s something we are willing to do well into the future.”


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