Don't overpay
for college.

Don't overpay
for college.

learn HOW

The financial aid system is supposed to help families afford college, but if approached the wrong way, it can do exactly the opposite.

Learn from the experts who know they system inside and out. We’ll give you insider tips and game-changing strategies to maximize financial aid—even with a high income.

You’ll get shocking insights and money-saving information you can’t get anywhere else.

Make your child’s dream of college an affordable reality—and not just by choosing state schools.

Learn from the College Planning Professionals for More Than 20 Years

  • Unlock the secrets of getting the most financial aid possible—even if you make a lot of money
  • Avoid common and costly mistakes when filling out the FAFSA and other forms
  • Understand the essentials of your expected family contribution, how you can change it, and how it impacts your financial aid eligibility
  • Learn how to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses for college
  • Discover how to choose colleges that are the best fit: financially, academically, and socially
  • Uncover which assets the government uses to calculate how much they expect you to pay for college
  • Learn how and why expensive private schools can cost less than state schools 
  • Find out the benefits and drawbacks of 529s and how they affect financial aid
  • Get the facts about the FAFSA, CSS, SAI and COA — what they mean, how they work, and mistakes to avoid
  • Uncover little-known truths about Scholarships & Loans

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