College Planning Pioneer

experienced college planning, accounting, and tax planning specialist

John J. Lennon, CFO

“Can you help us fill out this financial aid form?”

This simple request from a tax client, over two decades ago, was the beginning of a journey for John J. Lennon that would lead him to becoming a pioneer in the college planning industry.

To help that client, John spent countless hours and devoted his own personal resources to learning everything there was to know about college planning, well before college planning became the service industry it is today. “I took it on, unaware of the intricacies of it. It was very confusing and none of the resources for college financial planning that we have today were available then. It was the school of hard knocks, like being thrown into a pool and teaching yourself to swim. There was no one in front of me telling me how to do it.”

As a result, referral after referral and year after year, John researched and amassed an extensive knowledge about the complicated college financial aid system and how the strategies used in traditional tax and financial planning often were detrimental to the college planning process. John became the go-to-expert for ensuring that every one of his clients made the right financial decisions for amassing wealth, benefitting from proper tax planning, as well as maximizing financial aid eligibility. 

John has been actively helping families afford higher education for more than 20 years. His ability to save clients tens of thousands of dollars each year has earned him a top-10 national ranking by the National Association of College Funding Advisors.

John has authored multiple books including “There is Absolutely No Reason to Pay Too Much for College” and “The Secret to Lifetime Financial Security.” He has been featured on radio programs and in publications including USA Today for his vast college planning expertise.

John J Lennon, College Planning Pioneer
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