Dedicated to helping families optimize college acceptance and maximize financial aid.

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College Planning Services


Understand the Financial Aid System

The college financial aid system is designed to give you as little money as possible while convincing you to commit to the school.

find out what you need to know before it's too late

Student Admissions Counseling

We guide students through our proven system for admissions success offering as much or as little assistance as desired.

College Funding Strategies

We develop customized plans to meet your family's goals for college affordability and funding.
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Our podcast brings you candid conversations with guests from in and around colleges and universities.

We discuss applications, admissions, financial aid, majors, co-ops,  study abroad, internships, and more.

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Elite Collegiate Planning made it simple. Their plan not only helped us to afford college, but set us up to supplement our retirement in a big way! We cannot thank ECP enough for teaching us how to do it without huge loans.

Aaron and Grace P.
college planning assessments

Free consultations to determine your EFC, college readiness, and financial aid eligibility


Admissions Impact Mentoring (AIM), college major and career assessments, guidance, test prep


Education on the ins and outs of the financial aid system and how to lower out-of-pocket costs

college funding strategies

Customized plans to meet your family's goals for college affordability and funding

we're here to help

Schedule a one-on-one, no-obligation consultation—focused on your family’s unique situation. Our experienced college planners and student services experts specialize in college funding, admissions and financial aid and can help your family achieve your college education goals.