No Need to Stick Your Neck Out

Not Your Ordinary Referral Program

We know typical referral programs make people uncomfortable. Who wants to give out their friend's info so a company can bug them, right?

We have other options. If you're happy with our services or you know someone who could use our help, please spread the word. As a token of our appreciation, if one of your referred contacts becomes a client, we'll send you a $100 gift card and we'll give them $100 off any college planning program they choose.

Share a Page.

Share the link to our crash course page where they can download our college planning overview, watch a workshop video, and get discount information.

Share a Comment.

We understand if you aren't comfortable recommending us to a specific person. How about giving us an online review or testimonial instead?

Share a Contact.

If you do know someone we should contact who could benefit from our services, tell us about them and we'll do the rest.